Welcome to The Uncharted Land

Welcome to the campaign. There are rumors of a land in which there is no evil, but it is shrouded in mystery. Malazzar Kormat is issuing gold to any who seem willing to gather information regarding this topic, but what are his intentions with this place? You enter a world of deceit and lies. Prepare for an adventure which will test your souls and wills as you decide the fate of all humankind.

There is a tracking log of everything that occurs throughout the adventures under the “Adventure Log” tab. Use the “Story so Far” link to get there as well. There is also a wiki which will catalog all information the characters gather for easy reference. There will be at times extra information there that will simply be common knowledge for the entirety of the continent. Use the tab at the top or the link below.
There is also a map tab located at the top with the map of the world. There may be other islands not yet traveled to, but those are only found in sailor and captain logs.

The Story So Far…
To the Wiki!!

The Uncharted Land

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